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coffee cart + lattes at home

for a long time i've wanted to create a little coffee cart for in my home. i finally made my dream coffee cart into a reality a couple years ago & don't know why i never really shared it. it's super adorable and can be moved around to any part of the house since it has wheels (which is nice because i like to rearrange and sometimes have to for babyproofing reasons).

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diy boxwood topiary

So lately I've been really wanting one of those super cute topiaries I see everywhere. Y'know, the one with the single round greenery orb at the top, looks adorable sitting next to a tv or really anywhere. They also cost about a zillion dollars everywhere I look (okay, so maybe like $30 but still too much for my cheap butt). The other day while I was browsing around Hobby Lobby for the third time this week....I found this boxwood ball on sale for about $2.50. Boom. A thought occurred to me. Maybe there's a way to make a topiary myself?

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guest room tour

For the past year I've been absolutely dying to create a cozy space for guests to stay when they come to visit us. When I get my mind set on something, it's really difficult for me to let it go. When we got our tax returns this year, we decided to get a rug and do some things for our spare room. We had pretty much nothing for guests, so I was on a mission to find a cheap bed for the room. Last year, when we went to Ikea to buy our new couch, I purchased a duvet cover for our nonexistent guest room. I had a vision in my head, including the adorable springy bedding I bought and the gorgeous white metal bed frame also from Ikea.

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DIY Coffee Filter Wreath

've seen these in passing on Pinterest a few times, but I recently saw a woman on a facebook page I'm part of share her version of the coffee filter wreath, so I was inspired to try it for myself! I had a big package of coffee filters that I didn't need anymore since my coffee pot has a built in filter and I had a little straw wreath laying around that I'd been meaning to use. I also had some hot glue already, so I figured - I have all the materials, I might as well try it!

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DIY Chocolate Covered Spoons

I've been thinking about doing this project since December! I was originally going to do these for little gifts around the holidays, but I got really caught up with doing other things (like neverending Christmas cookies & wrapping presents) so it didn't happen. But with Valentine's Day coming up, I knew I could do something adorable with this idea. I had been inspired by some other spoons I saw on pinterest, and thought getting some interesting pieces from thrift stores would take these to the next level!

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DIY Tassel Garland

I've been wanting to make one of these cuties for a while now and I thought it would be just perfect for Valentine's Day! And after the holiday has passed I'm gonna give it to my bff for her cute lil nursery. Win-win! I'll probably make more of these in the future in different colors, since they're super duper easy and customizable. The tassels could be made in any color, they could be longer and skinnier, or you could even make them in varying lengths. Anyway - here is how I made mine!

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DIY Floral Heart Wreath

With Valentine's Day approaching quickly, I wanted to do a few cutesy lovey dovey projects to share with you guys. I've made a few wreaths over the past couple years to switch out when the seasons change, but I had never made one for Valentine's Day. So, where better to start than with a cute little heart wreath? I love how this turned out and it's super easy and cheap!

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Christmas Decor On A Budget

Christmastime is one of my absolute favorite times of the year and since December began, I've been feeling really festive! I really wanted to decorate for the season, but I didn't want to spend tons of money since we're already in the process of buying Christmas presents. I limited myself to a select few new items, used some things I already had, and was able to create a cozy and Christmas-y environment! 

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