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Easy Fall Sangria

Since Mack and I are leaving town for Thanksgiving, as are most of our friends, we decided to have a celebration beforehand. This is only the second Thanksgiving that Mack and I have been on our own, and the first that I've actually cooked for. I was a little nervous about making the food, but with the help of my friend, we had a delicious meal. We had a blast...and a lot of pie (recipes to come!). Anyway, I found this delicious fall sangria recipe on Facebook.

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German Chocolate Cake

Since the hubby wants a German Chocolate Cake every single year for his birthday, I got to make one earlier this week. Cakes definitely are not my strong suit, but I really focused on making this cake look prettier than I have in the past. I'm super happy with the way it ended up looking, but the taste of the cake is what really stood out! It's not an extremely difficult cake to make, but there are still impressive elements like the homemade caramel and the yummy dark chocolate ganache. I got this recipe, like the majority of my recipes, from my incredible mom!

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