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a fresh start

Soooo I know it's like three weeks into the new year and I'm just now posting my goals...but let's just pretend not to notice that and hope I don't continue this trend of procrastination throughout the year. Whaddup 2018!

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milk bath + stretch marks

Up until about a month and a half ago, I had no pregnancy related stretch marks. Then I noticed two teeny ones and before I knew it, there were dozens of them reaching up my ever growing belly. I'm no stranger to stretch marks by any means, but it was shocking to see them pop up in a time frame that felt like over night.

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auction hunting on a sunday

Last week Mack and I went out and about to run some errands and explore some stores I was interested in. We went to a few different antique stores/salvage places and one of them we discovered was having an auction on Sunday. We'd never been to one before and thought it sounded really fun. Plus, the woman at the store said we could take a peek at the room filled with stuff they were auctioning off and I spotted a few things I was really interested in. So we decided to go.

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a day at the zoo

A couple weeks back, my awesome parents and sister came to visit. They couldn't stay for long, but we wanted to make the most of our time together and go out and do something fun. The weather was pretty nice while they were here and we decided to visit the National Zoo. I had heard that since it was a part of the Smithsonian, it was free. I've also been worried that we might regret not exploring the area more once we've moved away, so I thought it would be the perfect thing to do. Plus I love animals so it was a win-win.

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