happily anne


mommin' ain't easy

one thing i've learned since becoming a mom is that like 99% of the time, it's best to just go with your gut. do what feels right to you and don't worry about what everyone else is doing quite so much. i somehow got subscribed to emails from "what to expect when you're expecting" during my pregnancy and now i get multiple emails a week containing a roundup of message boards from women with children born in april. at first, i read them pretty religiously and was encouraged and interested by what was discussed. i began to notice that women were posting about every little thing imaginable and worrying about stuff that hadn't even crossed my mind. i started to wonder if i was a bad mom for not also asking a billion questions and thinking of all these things that could potentially be a danger to my baby and it began to take a toll on me. i've since allowed myself to ignore the emails, but i think it's really important for women to parent how they feel is best and not allow themselves to be constantly worried about other moms judging them or to always be wracked with fear that you're doing something wrong. none of this is to say it's wrong to go to mom groups and ask lots of questions, because that's an awesome support system in itself. i'm just saying...you do you, mama. 

here's to you-

the mom who dedicates time daily to motherhood message boards and the mom who has never even been a part of one.

the mama who puts her life on hold to feed her little one with milk her own body created and the mama who chose to give her child formula because it keeps them fed and gives them the nutrients they need and it was what's best for her and her baby.

the mother who snuggles her child to sleep every evening and the mother who lovingly tells their baby good night as she lays them down in their own bed.

the mommy who stays at home and takes care of her family all day and the mommy who takes care of her family by going to a job and works her booty off to provide and is still an amazing parent to her child. 

the mom who chooses cloth diapers and the mom who uses disposable diapers.

the mother who feeds her child purees and the one who chooses finger foods first.

we all have our own personal beliefs and styles of parenthood - that doesn't make us any more or any less mommies. 

motherhood is not easy.

support fellow mamas.