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mama + baby date: downtown astoria & coffee girl

Sometimes with a baby you just have to get ya booty out of the house. My awesome astoria mama friend wanted to take some photos of some clothes she recently received and I jump at any chance I get to go out and about and do something fun during the day, so we made a plan to head downtown yesterday. It was a pretty cold day but I wanted to look cute and get some shots of my cute gingham dress so I went ahead and sucked it up (do it for the instagram, right?). We bundled up the babies and made the five minute drive to the freaking adorableness that is downtown astoria. Sometimes I can't even believe we live in such a cute wonderful place and I really need to take more advantage of it. We had a great time taking pictures of each other with our lil cuties and then we headed to my favorite coffee shop to warm up with some lattes.

It's funny to look at these photos and think about how I actually look relatively put together when in reality I spent the morning fighting with a fussy baby who would not calm down no matter what I tried. I'm not even sure how I managed to get makeup on my face and curls in my hair. Then I tottered along the sidewalk in heels, my legs freezing, wearing Milo in the ergo, carrying a big old bag on my shoulder, pulling out my camera, taking pictures, and switching lenses. I spent 40% of my time at the coffee shop picking up food Milo had thrown on the floor. When we left, for some reason I asked for a tiny to go cup for my unfinished matcha latte and literally felt like my arm would fall off because I only had one to carry my chubby son. I don't know about all of you, but my life is rarely as simple and clean and together as it might look from the outside. Anyway. Hope everyone is having an awesome week & fingers crossed we all get our tax returns soon hahaha. Also, if you'd like to check out my girl Kelly's blog she just started, take a peek here. Happy Wednesday!



dress from: roolee , exact dress here (they have tons of cute clothes & lots of options for nursing moms)