happily anne


desk space

something i've been wanting for our home for a little while now is a desk. recently i've been even more anxious to get one in hopes that it will boost my productivity and allow me to give my best effort at blogging again. i had my eye on a west elm desk and we were purging our garage, so what better way to add some moolah to our desk fund than to sell our crap on facebook marketplace? after letting the people of astoria take a bunch of stuff off our hands and realizing we had a cash back reward from one of our credit cards, we finally had enough to get this lovely desk. i found the chair at goodwill for $8 and promptly returned my tjmaxx chair with a price tag of 10x the one from goodwill (SCORE). fingers crossed having a workspace really will encourage me to write (hey, i'm writing this aren't i?). anyway, here's our new home office and how i styled it.

I had to improvise as I went a little bit because not everything ended up exactly how I was envisioning, but I looooove how it turned out! 




desk:  west elm

desk chair: goodwill

lamp: ikea

customized map: mapiful

photo books: chatbooks

 plant: fred meyer