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coffee girl + feeling cute


i talked about this on instagram recently, but with raising a crazy toddler & one on the way, i sometimes feel like I go weeks without looking pretty and presentable and going out and doing something fun. in reality, we probably do something for fun every weekend but the past couple weeks I haven’t really put on makeup or a cute outfit or done my hair so i’ve been starting to feel a little stir crazy/hobo/not a real person lately. i recently partnered up with pink blush as a style ambassador and have absolutely loved the items i’ve chosen so far. i just got this new button down midi dress and figured what better way to feel good about myself than to put on a new dress, get prettied up, and go on a little date with my two favorite boys. we hadn’t gone out to my favorite coffee shop in what feels like a couple months, so we decided to go for lunch. it was a pretty rainy, dreary day since we’re entering rainy season here in astoria but that didn’t stop us. mack is like the best instagram hubby ever and took a bunch of cute pictures of me while holding a squirmy toddler and i just had to get some of him and milo (especially with that amazing lil rain coat). i seriously cannot get over how adorable this little family of mine is and the pictures of milo just strike me as retro and classic and i just can’t stop looking at them. i think i might have to print a few of them. i know my generation might put too much importance on pictures and social media and image, but i’m very thankful that i’ve grown up wanting to take a bunch of photos because i know for a fact i will treasure them beyond measure over the years.

our little outing definitely wasn’t without any fit throwing from milo (he gets sooooo mad anytime we try to get him to do anything he doesn’t want to do, like walk in a different direction or hold our hands lol), but it was a lot of fun and super refreshing to get out of the house and have a little family outing. i think as moms it’s really important to take some time to feel good about ourselves - whether it’s going shopping by yourself, taking a spa day, watching your favorite show while the kiddos nap, feeling pretty and doing your hair and makeup, going on a date - whatever it takes. sometimes life gets monotonous and looking pretty feels like it just takes too much effort, but don’t forget to treat yourself and take time to be you and not just a mama.

outfit details & links:

pink blush maternity

button down midi dress

wraparound top from tjmaxx

“mama” necklace