happily anne


coffee shop thoughts


So I decided to go have some "me time" the other day while Mack hung out with his dad & I thought I'd go get a cappuccino from a popular coffee shop in the area and just hang out. Since we've been so busy with the move for the past couple weeks, I haven't been able to keep up with some of the shows I watch and haven't had much time for blogging or myself and I thought it sounded great to get some good coffee, put in some headphones, and catch up on some stuff. It didn't go exactly how I'd planned but it was nice to go out and about on my own. Whenever I go out, a bunch of thoughts go through my head and I always feel like I'm awkward in social situations. So for the sake of being authentic with you guys I thought I'd share some of the random thoughts I had and do a lil segment called coffee shop thoughts (I know, super creative)

"Ok I'm gonna get a huge cappuccino & blog & catch up on Bates Motel & be so productive"
"Somehow I'm awkward even when all I'm doing is ordering a drink"
"Why did I order an extra shot?? Apparently now I'm drinking 5 shots of espresso"
"Am I supposed to leave a tip at a coffee shop??"
"Why dis baked goods cooler empty"
"They should hire me so I can bake for them and they would never run out"
"Mmm, eclairs, banana cream pie, scones, bagels, pumpkin tea cake"
"Hellz yeah, hire me guys"
"Hopefully I don't see anyone I know..."
"Text Mack. Tell him my every thought"
"Ok..must take super cute cappuccino shot"
"Super cute cappuccino shot is not so cute"
"Why can't this table be white? This dark wood isn't going to flow with my insta theme"
"Everyone else's coffee pics are way cuter than this what am I doing wrong"
"Damn I forgot to ask for the wifi, now I have to talk to the barista AGAIN"
"Almost tipped over the chair awkwardly standing up....embarrassing..."
"Can't think of anything to blog about"
"Don't know why I have a blog I'm not interesting enough"
"Wiggle by Jason Derulo is on....must resist chair dancing"
"Why did I order something hot?? I'm glad I'm wearing something black so nobody can see me sweating lol"
"So glad I brought headphones so nobody will try to talk to me"
"Why didn't I bring my phone charger?"
"Yaaaaaaassss Lana Del Ray on ma iTunes"
"Phone at 2% whyyy"
"Nobody wants to read this, don't know why I'm writing it"
"Maybe I'll just go home"
"Oops phone died"
"Sweaty knee pits ugh"
"Ooooh maybe I'll go to Hobby Lobby now..."

And then I did go to Hobby Lobby. And spent way too much money on things I didn't even go there for (or need). All in all, it was a nice time though and I think I'll start doing it more often.