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coffee cart + lattes at home

for a long time i've wanted to create a little coffee cart for in my home. i finally made my dream coffee cart into a reality a couple years ago & don't know why i never really shared it. it's super adorable and can be moved around to any part of the house since it has wheels (which is nice because i like to rearrange and sometimes have to for babyproofing reasons).

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desk space

something i've been wanting for our home for a little while now is a desk. recently i've been even more anxious to get one in hopes that it will boost my productivity and allow me to give my best effort at blogging again. i had my eye on a west elm desk and we were purging our garage, so what better way to add some moolah to our desk fund than to sell our crap on facebook marketplace?

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Milo's Nursery

Ta da! Milo's nursery is finally 99.99% finished! (Yeah, I couldn't wait for the finishing touches to show you guys, I'm just waaaay too excited!) At long last the sweet baby room is done, with less than a week til my due date! We worked pretty hard on it and it's taken a little while to bring all my visions to life, but it was well worth it. I'm so in love with this room. It's definitely my new favorite place in the house. I actually go in there at least once a day and stare at everything. I'm legit the heart eyes emoji, just standing there, gazing at the adorable-ness.

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guest room tour

For the past year I've been absolutely dying to create a cozy space for guests to stay when they come to visit us. When I get my mind set on something, it's really difficult for me to let it go. When we got our tax returns this year, we decided to get a rug and do some things for our spare room. We had pretty much nothing for guests, so I was on a mission to find a cheap bed for the room. Last year, when we went to Ikea to buy our new couch, I purchased a duvet cover for our nonexistent guest room. I had a vision in my head, including the adorable springy bedding I bought and the gorgeous white metal bed frame also from Ikea.

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DIY Coffee Filter Wreath

've seen these in passing on Pinterest a few times, but I recently saw a woman on a facebook page I'm part of share her version of the coffee filter wreath, so I was inspired to try it for myself! I had a big package of coffee filters that I didn't need anymore since my coffee pot has a built in filter and I had a little straw wreath laying around that I'd been meaning to use. I also had some hot glue already, so I figured - I have all the materials, I might as well try it!

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