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15 Holiday Movies To Watch In December

It's that time of year again - people are putting up their trees, decorating their homes, getting cozy by the fire. They're blasting the Christmas music and drinking hot cocoa. And they start watching holiday movies! Here's my list of the movies you just have to watch in the month of December.

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Picking A Christmas Tree

Ever since I can remember, my family has gone to cut down a real tree every year for Christmas. It's really fun & it feels good to know that you picked out and cut down your own tree. It also makes for some super cute pictures! We went with a couple of friends this past weekend and did a little bit of a photo shoot. Now I'll have a photo to send out with all my Christmas cards (you can see those here!) and cute pictures to look back on through the years. 

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Maude: Our New Puppy

Unfortunately, our family dog passed away about a year ago. It was an extremely sad experience that I had never really gone through. I never realized how much I truly appreciated and loved having a dog (since I'd had one as long as I can remember) and for the past who knows how long, I've been wanting to get a puppy. I've begged Mack for a puppy. I've offered to give up shopping. I've offered to hold off on other things I've been wanting. I've begged some more. But, in the long run, we were not planning to get a dog until Mack got out of boot camp and we had moved to our new home (wherever that may be).

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