happily anne


50 things that make me happy

i thought it'd be nice to share something purely based on positivity and happiness & that it would be good for me to reflect on all the wonderful parts of my life, so here are 50 things that make me happy

  1. a clean house
  2. the smell of fresh clean laundry
  3. cute new mugs
  4. the sound (and smell) of rain
  5. milo's laughter
  6. smelling milo's head
  7. really, pretty much everything about milo
  8. cuddling
  9. climbing into a bed made with freshly washed sheets
  10. being able to let the dog out into a fenced in yard (thanks hubby!!)
  11. watching movies and stupid tv with mack
  12. all flowers
  13. being a mama
  14. finding a good deal
  15. learning how to do something new
  16. stripes
  17. browsing antique and thrift stores
  18. a fresh manicure
  19. long hot showers
  20. shaggy rugs
  21. baby toys that aren't neon and uggo
  22. perfect lighting
  23. amazing smells like lavender, mint, rosemary, and basil
  24. pretty wood floors
  25. when my eyebrows look the same
  26. when a picture turns out exactly how i envisioned it
  27. making coffee & getting cozy on a cold day
  28. when i have enough rewards points to get a free drink at starbucks
  29. tax returns
  30. when someone gives me a sweet, thoughtful compliment
  31. giving someone a sweet, thoughtful compliment
  32. thanksgiving
  33. seeing people i love fall in love with my son
  34. affogato
  35. the sound of a cat purring
  36. my peacock chair
  37. watch the office over & over
  38. making really delicious food
  39. throw blankets
  40. cappuccinos
  41. hugs
  42. going for a walk with my family
  43. meeting new friends who i just click with
  44. achieving goals i've set
  45. free stuff
  46. getting good non-junk mail
  47. oregon
  48. enthusiasm
  49. tall dirty blond coast guard guys who wear glasses and are also named mack 
  50. comfy pants

what makes you happy? leave me a comment & spread the positivity