happily anne


guest room tour


For the past year I've been absolutely dying to create a cozy space for guests to stay when they come to visit us. When I get my mind set on something, it's really difficult for me to let it go. When we got our tax returns this year, we decided to get a rug and do some things for our spare room. We had pretty much nothing for guests, so I was on a mission to find a cheap bed for the room. Last year, when we went to Ikea to buy our new couch, I purchased a duvet cover for our nonexistent guest room. I had a vision in my head, including the adorable springy bedding I bought and the gorgeous white metal bed frame also from Ikea. I had seen similar beds on Craigslist before, but the timing wasn't right. I went searching once again, and found a mattress and a bed frame for only $160. I of course jumped right on it! I convinced the hubby to borrow a friend's truck and go with me to pick it up. It was a difficult and slightly terrifying experience getting it home, but somehow it was safe and sound in our home that night. We set up the bed frame the next day and I had so much fun putting the bedding on and seeing the room start to come together. I made some cute wi-fi password "art", added a candle and some fake succulents, made another tassel garland (you can find my tutorial for that here), brought up a stool I had downstairs for a nightstand, and made a few other finishing touches. I absolutely adore how this room turned out and to be perfectly honest with you, it's my favorite room in the house. I even like it better than our own bedroom! I still have a few things I want to change - I'd like to take the desk out and add a small dresser and maybe paint the stool and the blanket ladder. But overall, it's pretty dang close to perfect to me.

This room is pretty tiny, but I'm so glad I was still able to make it feel homey. Like I said, I don't feel like it's 100% done yet, but I'm really content with it for now. I still have another little DIY project I did that I need to hang somewhere and I might add a chalkboard above the bed to go with the coffee filter wreath (you can find the tutorial here). It just feels really good to finally have a guest room.