happily anne


a day at the zoo


A couple weeks back, my awesome parents and sister came to visit. They couldn't stay for long, but we wanted to make the most of our time together and go out and do something fun. The weather was pretty nice while they were here and we decided to visit the National Zoo. I had heard that since it was a part of the Smithsonian, it was free. I've also been worried that we might regret not exploring the area more once we've moved away, so I thought it would be the perfect thing to do. Plus I love animals so it was a win-win. We all piled into my parents x-terra and made our way into D.C. We found a parking garage about a mile away, walked to the zoo, and had a fun day walking around. My dad and I got my mom a new camera last year and it came with a zoom lens she already owned, so she gave me her spare (how sweet, right?!). We got to take some awesome photos and see tons of awesome animals. My absolute favorite part of the zoo was the small mammal exhibit. There washuge variety of funny little creatures from naked mole rats & sugar gliders to fennec foxes & meerkats. They were so cute, I had a really hard time (actually failed) at containing my excitement and probably made a fool of myself fawning over them. I laughed hysterically at the weird naked mole rats & practically cried looking at the fennec fox I never dreamed I'd actually see in person. Overall, it was a super fun experience and I'm so glad I got to go with my family.