happily anne


Quote of the Month


So I know it's already well into the month. And I know I haven't been blogging much lately. I had a really hard time emotionally and physically a couple weeks ago and I've been struggling to get back into the blogging scene and trying to decide whether or not I'm going to share certain things. But, one post I absolutely wanted to do was my quote of the month. I have a lot of fun with taking a quote that means something to me personally and trying my best to illustrate it and then sharing it with you guys! I decided to do this quote because I know we all struggle with comparison and trying to keep up with your peers with seemingly perfect lives.

Isn't this such a great quote? I think it's incredibly applicable, especially for our generation, when we're so busy comparing our lives to people whose lives are seemingly perfect. Obviously trying to keep up with/comparing ourselves to others isn't a new concept, but it's even more prominent in a time when social media makes it so easy to appear perfect and leave all the mess that comes with a normal life behind the scenes. Remember this - even though your life may be different than others, that doesn't make it any less perfect or beautiful. We're all flowers blooming at different rates and flowers are all beautiful in their own way...so there's no need to compare ourselves to others.