happily anne


DIY Chocolate Covered Spoons


I've been thinking about doing this project since December! I was originally going to do these for little gifts around the holidays, but I got really caught up with doing other things (like neverending Christmas cookies & wrapping presents) so it didn't happen. But with Valentine's Day coming up, I knew I could do something adorable with this idea. I had been inspired by some other spoons I saw on pinterest, and thought getting some interesting pieces from thrift stores would take these to the next level!

These were so easy, it's ridiculous! All I did was melt white chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate over a double boiler (I just used metal bowls over a pot of water), dip the spoons in the chocolate, and add embellishments. I had some leftover sprinkles to top them with, along with some cute little conversation hearts. I also put my remaining melted chocolate into plastic baggies, cut the tip off, and added some contrasting colored stripes. Then once the chocolate had set, I put all my spoons into little treat baggies (I had bigger ones and I just cut them to size) and tied them with ribbon.

These would be a super sweet treat to give out to friends & loved ones on Valentine's Day, especially if you have school aged children who might want to hand out valentines!

On another note, my husband has been gone on a work trip for a week now and he's getting home late tonight and I'm so excited!! And the gate guard on our base asked me if I always smile and I said yes and he said that's a good thing and it made me really happy for some reason. And I treated myself to some cute new undies. So today has been a good day! Hope everyone's Wednesday is going fantastic.