happily anne


Old Town


So since we got our inches upon inches of snow, I've been wanting to go to Old Town Alexandria to see it covered in that beautiful white stuff. Unfortunately, by now the snow is looking super icky and dirty so it really wasn't all that spectacular...Mack left this morning for Tampa for a firing party job, so I ventured out alone. I love love love my hubby and my friends, but it's actually kind of fun to go out and about by myself every now and then. Anyway. I took a few pictures while I was in Old Town but didn't get too many great ones. Something about the dreary, washed out sky made it tricky to get a good picture. I headed to H&M in search of a few things on my winter wish list (coming soon!). I tried on a few things but literally nothing fit which was super disheartening and sad, but it meant I didn't spend any money so that's a plus I guess...Another reason I went downtown was to hit up my favorite coffee shop in the area. I wanted to get this delicious white chocolate raspberry latte they have but unfortunately (again) it was sold out. So I went with my go-to cappuccino. Oh and I broke the heel off one of my favorite boots. Hopefully I can glue it back again but really...it wasn't the best trip. But I'm back home now and I'm cuddled up with my sweet & precious kitten and watching The Intern - so life is good. 

Anyway. Old Town is always super cute and even though it wasn't the biggest success, it was nice to get out of the house and get a yummy cappuccino. I'm struggling a little bit with my blogging, but hopefully will get the opportunity to catch up on things this week. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday!