happily anne


Quote of the Month


I've been thinking about doing a "quote of the month" series for a little while now, and I finally decided to just do it! I plan to share one of my favorite quotes in my own hand writing as inspiration at the beginning of every month. Hopefully this will help me get inspired and give me a chance to work on my designs for fun!

I chose this quote not just because it seem fitting for the month of love, but it's just a great reminder of how to live life. Sometimes I feel like maybe I get excited about too many things and then I don't get to be great at anything. But life is a one time deal so....might as well fall in love with as many things as possible! I can't wait to see what I fall in love with next. And hopefully I'll get a little better at hand-lettering. This is so flawed and imperfect, but I sort of like it that way... Happy first day of February, you lovely people! Hope these beautiful flowers & this sweet quote sweeten your Monday a bit.