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Goodbye 2015...

The past year has been good to us. Mack & I celebrated our second year of marriage and our fifth year of being in love. We adopted our sweet sweet kittens. Grew closer to friends. Saw a bunch of hilarious movies. Played new games and explored the area and took road trips. Ate lots of good food and laughed a lot. We grew as people. I began my blogging journey (again) and had so many new baking adventures! I'm so grateful for 2015 and wanted to share the many things that happened throughout the year. 

January: Mack had a job in Tampa, so I flew down as well (after finding a $56 round trip ticket!!). Unfortunately, we also had to mourn our sweet kitty Coburn this month. 

February: Mack hit his one year mark with the Coast Guard!  

March: We took a trip to Key West, FL with my family and it turned out to be one of my favorite vacations ever!! We attended the Honor Guard Ball and Mack and I celebrated our second year of marriage.

April: We adopted our sweet Humphrey & Mabel! Mack had been with the Honor Guard for 1 year.

May: We finally were able to move out of our apartment and into military housing - a huge improvement since we were so sick of apartment living.

June: Took our yearly OBX trip which was as fun as ever! Then my parents came to visit and we celebrated my mom and sister's birthdays (we went to the melting pot for the first time).

July: Can't think of a whole lot from this month - but I finished watching the show Parenthood and I loved it so much!

August: We celebrated my 22nd birthday and bought our first brand new couch from Ikea! I also dyed my hair ombre (again hehe).

September: Mack was on an away mission to Colorado, so my bff and I took a road trip to Florida to see my family! My sister, my mom, and I all got our family tree tattoos (which my mom drew beautifully). My mom came back up with us and Mack and I helped her work on her rental and spent some quality time with her.

October: Maude's 2nd birthday & Halloween! I can't believe our puppy is two years old already. Also, we got to hand out candy to cute little kids for the first time since we've been in our own place. The Commandant's Ball was this month too, which (despite quite a few hiccups with finding a dress to wear) was super fun!

November: Mack's 23rd birthday - can't believe we're really adults. And we took a fun trip for Thanksgiving to see a bunch of Mack's family. I also polished up my blog, moved to squarespace, and started blogging again.

December: Put up our Christmas tree first thing & got some cute coupley pictures in the process. I made a crap ton of cookies and decorated for Christmas and then we took a 10 day trip to FL for the holidays (glorious).

Anyway, there's our year in a nutshell! Hope everyone else had a wonderful and eventful year. 

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