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Christmas Decor On A Budget

Christmastime is one of my absolute favorite times of the year and since December began, I've been feeling really festive! I really wanted to decorate for the season, but I didn't want to spend tons of money since we're already in the process of buying Christmas presents. I limited myself to a select few new items, used some things I already had, and was able to create a cozy and Christmas-y environment! 

I already had some of this stuff. I had a tree skirt and stand, most of my Christmas ornaments, the fat white pitcher, the vintage-y green tray, a couple of my candles, and the cutesy pootsy Rudolph Record. Here are the things I did buy this year:

Wooden Marquee "Joy" Sign: I got this gem from Target for $20. Everywhere else I saw a similar sing (including Michael's) was at least a little bit more expensive, so I think this was a pretty good deal!

Galvanized Ornaments: These were just too cute to resist. And at 74 cents and 99 cents (depending on the specific ornament), who would want to resist?! I found these on sale at Michael's.

Bird Clips: I didn't meant for these to be Christmas ornaments (I actually bought them during the 60% off Fall Michael's sale) but I thought they would be precious on the tree! These were only 59 cents!

Mini Trees: How cute are these?? I have two of these, but I actually got them from different places. I found one at Target in their $1 and $3 section for $3. I found the other one at Michael's. It was 50% off so I ended up paying $4 for it. 

Cranberry Frost Candle: I have a few nice smelling candles already, but all of them were similar scents. I went with this candle because of the pretty red color and the new scent. It cost me $7 at TJ Maxx.

Red Berry Stems: These are super cute and just what I was looking for to put into my cute white pitcher. I bought three at Michael's and at 50% off, they were 79 cents each.

Red Poinsettia Stem: Another piece that I wanted to add to the little arrangement in the pitcher. I only bought one and it was $1.19 (also 50% off at Michael's). I went ahead and wrapped the pitcher in a little bit of burlap I already had and voila!

Red Berry Garland: I wrapped this around a square glass dish that I already had, added some water, a candle, and some leftover cranberries. This garland was $4.50!

Vintage Santa Art: I bought this little white frame from a thrift store a while back for cheap and I already had some super cute Christmas scrapbook paper laying around. I put the two together for some adorable Christmas art. 

Colored String Lights: I bought these because I kinda wanted to use them for Christmas pictures, but they turned out looking extremely cute with my little buffet Christmas display. They are battery powered and I got them at Michael's for about $10.

"Be Merry" Banner: I got this cute little banner from Target! I can't remember exactly how much I paid for this, but I think it was somewhere around $5. 

Vintage Double-Sided Christmas Pillow: I'm still a little unsure about the side of the pillow with the words, but I love the plaid side! This was also 50% off at Michael's, so I spent $15 on it.

"Eat, Drink, and Be Merry" Pillow: Absolutely love the little red jingle bells on this pillow! I got it at TJ Maxx for $17.

Christmas Tree Sign: This was sooooo cute I just had to have it! I got it at TJ Maxx for $10.

Red and Green Table Runner: I had been wanting a table runner to take my kitchen table to the next level. I found this adorably perfect runner at TJ Maxx for $17.

"Merry Christmas" Sign: I got this cutie at Target for $3.

These little elements combined with our Christmas tree, the things I already had, the wreath I made last year, and some lights wrapped around our porch's banister really gave our home just enough Holiday spirit! I'm just loving the coziness and I'm really looking forward to curling up on the couch with hot cocoa and my hubby, watching Christmas movies.