happily anne


Kat's Senior Photos


I by no means claim to be a photographer, but I have always loved taking pictures. I'm sure I always will, regardless of the extent of my camera knowledge. One thing that I find very challenging is people photography. I love to take pictures of day to day items, but for some reason a living subject (especially out in tricky lighting) has always made me nervous. My mom asked me if I would take a few pictures of my younger sister when Mack and I came to visit for Christmas. I agreed, but had been a little scared that I wouldn't be able to get any that were good enough to be used as her senior pictures. I got a new lens for Christmas, along with some other fun gadgets, and decided that I would give it my best shot! We headed to an adorable FL town called Cedar Key. We were super rushed and only had a very short period of time in which the lighting was perfect, but I'm sooooo happy to say that we got quite a few stunning photos! Kat's beauty blows my mind and I'm way excited to share these images with you guys!

Aren't they lovely?? Which one is your favorite?