happily anne


My Christmas Cards

Ever since my mom and I made Christmas cards together a couple years back, I've absolutely loved making my own! Whether they be cards made with scrapbook materials or cards with your own drawings, I guarantee your family & friends will love and appreciate getting something you made in the mail this holiday season. Here are a few of my cards! I take a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, but I like to try to put my own twist on them. And as long as I'm not putting too much stress on myself or drawing for too long at a time, it's super enjoyable and almost therapeutic! I've just been sitting on my couch with my handy dandy clip board (omg I'm in love with having a clip board for some reason!) and draw things over and over until I get them right, and then put them on a card. Hope you guys enjoy these and take some inspiration!

Here are my cards from this year! I decided to go with brown cards which I find just adorable. I think my designs are an improvement from last years' too. 

And here are some from last year. They're by no means perfect, but that kind of adds charm to them I think. Either way, it was super fun and everyone I sent them to seemed to enjoy them. 

Hope these give you guys a little bit of inspiration. Let me know if you guys make your own cards and be sure to share some pictures of your creations!