happily anne



Since we just celebrated Thanksgiving, I thought it'd be appropriate to share what I'm most thankful for in my life. 

My husband, Mack. He's an amazing man and it always blows my mind how sweet he is to me. No matter how much we get on each other's nerves, he always has something genuinely nice to say to me. He provides for our family, finds me funny when other people don't, gives in to my ridiculous requests (like stopping on a road trip so I can steal some cotton from a field on the side of the road), and watches stupid shows with me. We can tease each other or sit in silence, we can take long road trips together without going crazy. He likes to be with me all the time. He's my soul mate and I'm truly thankful for him.


My family. I would be nowhere without them. I have the greatest parents on earth and I cannot wait to live near them again. They made me the person I am today and I can't thank them enough for loving and supporting me in every situation. As for my sister...well, she's a built in best friend for life and I love being able to see her grow as a person over the years.



My sweet, sweet animals. My two cats, Humphrey & Mabel, and my dog, Maude, are literally (not exaggerating) the most loving pets I've ever met in my life. They all have their own individual precious personalities, but I really feel like each of them loves me. I joke around a lot about being a crazy cat lady, and I know it's a little ridiculous, but I kind of feel like they're a gift from God. Sometimes Maude and Humphrey even cuddle, and that's legitimately a dream come true for me.  

Hope you all had an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving filled with love, laughter, family, and friends! What are you most thankful for?