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DIY Botanical Coasters

DIY Botanical Coasters

I'm always looking for ways to improve the decor in my home & I'm always drawn to cute little DIY projects that seem doable for me, so when I stumbled upon this tutorial on pinterest, I set my heart on creating some of my own. I followed the directions from the tutorial almost directly, but may have done a few things slightly differently. 

Didn't they turn out adorable??


Wood slices (I just got mine at Michael's)

Wax paper



Credit card


Printer paper

Botanical pictures (I just went to google and found some that I liked)


Once you find the photos you'd like to transfer to your wood slices, mess around with the sizing a little bit. I printed out each image on regular printer paper a couple times to get the perfect size. I wanted my flowers to cover almost the entire wood slice, so I had to play with it a little bit. Once you're satisfied with the size of your images, you can begin the process. Tape wax paper onto a page of printer paper well enough that it will stay put when going through the printer. Wax paper is too flimsy to go through the printer alone. Run your wax paper/printer paper through like you normally would and go ahead and print one image at a time. Be careful not to touch the ink on the wax paper, since it's just sitting on the surface. I went ahead and cut around the flower so I had a smaller piece of paper to work with. Quickly place your image, ink down, onto your wood slice. Use your credit card to smooth out the paper and transfer the ink in as few motions as possible. Lift the paper and tada! Your image is now transferred to the wood. If the background of your image is visible and you aren't happy with the way that looks, you can just buff it out with some sandpaper.

If you mess up or decide you don't like the photo you used, you can easily sand it off with sandpaper. I actually had to do this for one of mine, since I just wasn't happy with the result.

I'm still considering putting some sort of protective layer over my coasters, but I haven't yet and they seem to be fine!

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. I'd love to hear about your experiences!