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Reunited at Last

Though it's been a long time since I last wrote a blog post, I'm hoping to start back up again where I left off - just this time, I'm happier. Cuz guess what! I have my man back. As I had made abundantly clear over the last two months, I was kind of miserable without Mack. Things started out horrible and I felt incredibly sad for a long time, but over those dreadful weeks, our reunion started to get closer and closer. I gradually started feeling less sad and more excited. Though the days drug by as if they would never end, the weeks felt almost like they were flying by. Before I knew it, I was getting calls from him, finding out that our orders had changed from WA to VA, having to rush around and pack up our truck, and finally heading to Cape May. The week leading up to graduation was a stressful one, as I had to (with tons of help from my family) pack up all our belongings and put them into a moving truck to take with us when we headed to his graduation. My family and I stayed at my inlaws' house on the way to Cape May (seeing as otherwise, it would have been a 20 hour drive). We parked the truck in their driveway Wednesday night and left for Cape May the next morning. The trip from FL to NC was seemingly neverending. My parents and I thought that we would never arrive and it felt like every minute was 5 minutes. But we arrived at last. The trip from NC to NJ was much less stressful and seemed to fly by in comparison to the previous day. When we arrived in Cape May...I can't even explain it. Everyone was probably annoyed at me, but I was beyond excitement. I was ecstatic. I wanted to get out of the car and do cartwheels. The night before graduation was an emotional one for me. We were staying on base, as that was the most convenient and best-priced option. I actually saw Mack's company marching. We were in the car, about to drive off base and go join other families at the meet & greet, when they turned and started marching towards us. I just about had a meltdown. I think I hyperventilated a little bit. My parents were freaking out too, but in a different way. They kept saying they had to get me away from them because they didn't know what I would do if I saw Mack. Now, there is no way I would have done anything crazy because I would never risk getting him reverted or not being able to see him the next day - but they may have heard me screaming had they gotten too close. Hahah. But I was quite overwhelmed with emotions that night, but I finally went to sleep knowing that it was the last time I'd go to bed without my sweetheart.

The next day was cold and windy - but I still wore my dress and heels. I wouldn't let anything stop me from looking nice for Mack! There were several events going on that morning, including a breakfast and spousal meeting. My parents and I were in line for the breakfast, but after a few minutes I decided I couldn't eat. My dad was in a rush too, since he had to get in uniform in order to present Mack with his graduation certificate, so we decided to leave without breakfast. We went and got coffee instead. Since the spousal meeting correlated with the breakfast, I missed that as well. I'm sure my parents can inform me of all I need to know, though, since they have been a part of the USCG world for 17 years now. We then proceeded to the Auditorium where they welcomed us and showed us a video that was meant to represent what the recruits endure during their 8 weeks at Training Center Cape May. I, of course, had already watched the video at least twice. Hehe. As the welcoming words kept going and going, I started to get a bit anxious. Finally we were instructed to head on over to the gym, where the graduation would take place. We saw Lima 189 marching once again, but this time meant that Mack would be in my arms in less than an hour. I handled everything much better than I thought I would. I didn't cry much at the actual graduation, which is surprising because usually I cry every chance I get. I think I was just so beyond every other emotion except happiness that I couldn't help but just smile. I'm about to cry typing this, though. But watching proudly as he graduated. My dad in his uniform presenting my husband with his certificate. Seeing him coming through that crowd. Hugging him for 5 minutes straight. Clinging to his side after being apart for what felt like so long. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I am never happier than when I'm with my Macky and that will never change.

Here are some photos of his graduation and our reunion. As you will see, I'm kinda really into B&W lately. It just looks so classy and timeless. I also love that my dad was able to be a part of this wonderful moment. It's cool seeing him in his uniform, too, since I don't very often.

And there you have it. I can't even explain how wonderful it is to be back with my soul mate. We were only apart for a couple months, but it felt like a lifetime.

Now we're working on getting settled into our first home together. Ahh! It's not exactly what I wanted and we still have a lot of work to do and furniture to buy, but the fact that we finally have our own place...it's just wonderful. Once I feel like the apartment is worthy of showing, I'll do a blog post about it. Hopefully that will be soon!

Thanks for those of you who actually read my never-ending blog posts. Love you all and Happy Friday!!