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Maude: Our New Puppy

Unfortunately, our family dog passed away about a year ago. It was an extremely sad experience that I had never really gone through. I never realized how much I truly appreciated and loved having a dog (since I'd had one as long as I can remember) and for the past who knows how long, I've been wanting to get a puppy. I've begged Mack for a puppy. I've offered to give up shopping. I've offered to hold off on other things I've been wanting. I've begged some more. But, in the long run, we were not planning to get a dog until Mack got out of boot camp and we had moved to our new home (wherever that may be). As fate may have it, the neighbors recently got a puppy - renewing my dormant but desperate desire for a sweet pup of my own. So, I began scouring the internet for dogs once again. I looked on multiple pet finder websites, shelter websites, and even craigslist. I had been wanting a pitbull puppy so bad, but after advice from some trusted friends and dog owners, I decided against it. But - not for the reasons you might think. I am a strong believer that the misconceptions about pitbulls are just that - misconceptions. I don't think that animals have the capability to be evil, whereas people do. Any dog can be good with a good owner, just like any dog can be bad with a bad owner. I did some reading on Breed Specific Legislation and found a lot of information (I'm sure there's much much more I haven't even touched) that proves just how pointless such laws are. I'm completely against BSL and think it is absolutely ridiculous and naive to say that any one breed can be totally evil. That being said, even in places without any restrictions or bans against pitbulls, renters can deny you a living space because of your dog. With Mack joining the Coast Guard and us moving in a few months (and probably moving around a good portion of the remainder of our dog's life), this fact is worrisome. Although I would never return a dog to a pound/shelter/foster home under voluntary circumstances, it would be a scary and somewhat tough decision to adopt a pitbull. With this heart-breaking decision made, I decided to broaden my search. I came across multiple puppy listings and forced Mack to look at every one. He saw a listing for a "Lab/Pointer Mix", saw this precious puppy's photo, and said "That's the dog we're getting" & proceeded to dramatically pull money from his wallet for the adoption fee. I was thrilled that he was finally on board, sent a message to the person in charge of the fostering system, and crossed my fingers that they would respond in a timely manner. I got a message from her the next day (Monday) and we set up a time that same day for us to come take a look at the two sisters. We made the 45 minute trip, not expecting to be able to adopt our sweetheart that night (but brought a leash and towel just in case). We saw her, loved her immediately, and, much to our surprise, were able to take her home with us right then and there! It was a wonderful, perfect experience. Although I wish we could have got our hands on our sweet little pup a few weeks sooner, I already love her to death! She is a noticeably smart dog; she is incredibly sweet; and she loves to cuddle! Her mommy is a chocolate lab and her daddy is some sort of pointer or hound. She is ten weeks old (she was born on Halloween!). After consideration of about 15 names (mostly old lady names), we settled on one. And that's how we adopted Maude the pup! Beware: The following photos are stinkin' adorable. Puppy fever can happen to anyone - you could be next!

Isn't she just the most beautiful lil babydoll? She is sweetness defined. :)