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What I Wore: Denim & Leather

When I found out the Coast to Coast Challenge was going to be denim & leather today, I was super excited! I recently purchased a denim shirt and have been looking forward to wearing it. I put together a super simple outfit, but it was still comfortable and cute. I had a few errands to run (I shipped out 13 more Vinted packages today!), so this ensemble was perfect for that. Mack is my personal photographer, he's such a sweetie. He took a few photos for me before we headed out for the post office. I have got to work on my posing skills! Haha.

So, there are all my dorky outfit photos with my unbelievably round face. Haha.

Outfit Details: 

Denim Shirt: H&M - $10

Leather Leggings: Marshalls - $12-15

Cheetah Print Heels: Target - super cheap on clearance, maybe $12

Hang on everyone, it's almost Friday! Hope everyone is having a fabulous week.