happily anne


Our Engagement

During this time of our lives, I was living in Wilmington with Mack all the way back in Camden (if you're not familiar with North Carolina, the two towns are approximately four hours apart). We had a really difficult time being so far away from each other, but we made it work. Mack came to visit me a lot, and I went home as much as possible. Because of Mack's time-consuming job, he was scheduled to work on Valentine's Day this year. As you might expect, I was pretty devastated. So, we decided to do our Valentine's Day celebration a weekend early and knew it would be just as special. Before I went home that weekend, I thought for sure Mack was going to propose on our date. His description of a trip out to the beach to see a movie, go to dinner, and take a romantic walk by the ocean sounded like the perfect opportunity to me! Not to mention there were many hints from Mack's behavior. I was convinced he would propose that weekend. I even discussed it with three of my best friends. I was so convinced that I decided to get my nails done for the occasion. But, much to my surprise, the proposal didn't happen (although he did tell me he asked for my dad's blessing, which brought me to tears and thrilled me at the same time)! I was a little confused, but not too worried. I thought it would still happen in the near future, but got back to my normal routine the next week. Wednesday evening, I was home alone in my apartment and working on some dreadful homework, when someone knocked on my door. I was pretty startled, as it was nighttime and we didn't generally have many people knocking on our door. I opened the door - and can you guess who stood there?! The love of my life. Imagine my surprise, having him show up on my doorstep when I thought he was at work! You'll have to ask him about my response. He then proceeded to get down on one knee and ask me to marry him. You've probably gathered that the answer was "Yes!!". I was a blubbering mess, I could not stop crying (I was barely legible when I called my mommy), and I have never been so happy in my entire life. I wouldn't trade his wonderful, surprise proposal for anything. He is so perfect for me.