happily anne


The Story of Us

Mack and I are high school sweethearts. Although we don't have an extraordinarily exciting "meet cute",  I think our story is quite a sweet one. I first saw Mack while attending a soccer game during our junior year of high school. I remember hearing people talk about him and heard his name, but never actually knew him. The following year, when we were both seniors, I decided to be a manager for the boy's soccer team (as I had been a member of the girl's soccer team for a few years and had grown close to the coach). Because Mack was on the soccer team, I got to see him quite a bit. Although we didn't talk much, I couldn't help noticing how handsome and charismatic he was. I went around telling everyone how cute I thought he was, but still remained at a distance as he never really showed much interest. Turns out, he was very interested. But being the shy young man he is, he never really talked to me much. One day, while on the bus on the way back from a soccer game, he came and sat next to me and eventually we swapped numbers. I thought nothing of it at the time (I thought he was trying to make another girl jealous, silly me). Then one day it was chicken nugget day in our high school cafeteria. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm a big chicken nugget fan. I didn't have a lunch account, so I ran up to the lunch line and asked Mack and his friend if they would get me some extra chicken nuggets. Mack did. Later that night I texted him to say thanks and we kept talking after that. He was always sweet talking me and even started asking when I was going to be his girlfriend. Eventually he asked me in person, he became my first and last boyfriend, and we began the wonderful journey that lead us to our engagement and soon-to-be marriage.