happily anne


A little about me.

Because, as I said in my first post, I'm pretty new to blogging, I thought maybe I should start out with a little bit about myself. At first, I started to type a big long paragraph describing me, but I thought it would be a bit easier to do a silly, little list to get started. So...this is me!

Name: Anne Michelle Cheers (soon to be Anne Michelle McCartney!)

Relationship status: Engaged (getting married 3|30|13)

Age: 19 (yes I know I'm incredibly young to be getting married)

Birthplace: Pennsylvania

Favorite State: Oregon

Favorite Color: Turquoise

Current Occupation: Working very part time at a delicious chocolate shop as I plan my wedding and attempt to figure out what to do with my life

Other things that describe me:

  • animal lover
  • runner (maybe a bit begrudgingly)
  • sensitive (I am incredibly in touch with my emotions, hehe)
  • clothing/shoe lover
  • daughter
  • sister
  • movie watcher
  • Mack's soul-mate

I'm sure there is much more, but I don't want to bore anyone too much just yet ;)

More to come! Will probably post the story of Mack and I soon as well.