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i've noticed more and more bloggers and instagrammers being super duper real with their followers and dishing on the behind the scenes stuff when it comes to motherhood and life in general and i am absolutely loving it. obviously everything you see on social media isn't always as perfect as it seems and real life is so much more raw and messy and flawed.

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desk space

something i've been wanting for our home for a little while now is a desk. recently i've been even more anxious to get one in hopes that it will boost my productivity and allow me to give my best effort at blogging again. i had my eye on a west elm desk and we were purging our garage, so what better way to add some moolah to our desk fund than to sell our crap on facebook marketplace?

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baby milk bath

I've always thought milk bath photos were beautiful and when I was pregnant, I made it a point to make sure I got some taken for myself (you can look at those here if you want). I thought it would be really fun and easy to do them with Milo too so once he was able to sit up on his own, I decided it was time to do a little photo shoot.

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a fresh start

Soooo I know it's like three weeks into the new year and I'm just now posting my goals...but let's just pretend not to notice that and hope I don't continue this trend of procrastination throughout the year. Whaddup 2018!

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Milo's Nursery

Ta da! Milo's nursery is finally 99.99% finished! (Yeah, I couldn't wait for the finishing touches to show you guys, I'm just waaaay too excited!) At long last the sweet baby room is done, with less than a week til my due date! We worked pretty hard on it and it's taken a little while to bring all my visions to life, but it was well worth it. I'm so in love with this room. It's definitely my new favorite place in the house. I actually go in there at least once a day and stare at everything. I'm legit the heart eyes emoji, just standing there, gazing at the adorable-ness.

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