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hey everyone! thanks for checking out happilyanne. i'm anne (duh). i started my blog years ago as a college assignment and have gradually (okay, VERY gradually) turned it into a personal lifestyle blog. i've struggled with consistency and i'm always switching around my design and i've even had a name change but fingers crossed this time i'm here to stay. happily anne is a place to read about motherhood, life, learning new skills, instagram, travels, DIY, and personal growth (amongst other things). i'll always keep it real with you guys and am so glad to share my simple, happy life. follow along as i find my voice and navigate life as a mother, daughter, sister, wife, and friend.

before finally settling on a name, my blog wore the title "happily without a compass" for years. i decided to go a simpler route, but the name will always have a special spot in my heart. born in pennsylvania, raised all over the place - being in a coast guard family (first my dad & now my husband), i've lived in several different places. when people ask me where i'm from, i always stumble over my words and end up landing on a charming "i don't really know how to answer that". i'm also a terrible decision maker and can't seem to decide what i want to do with my life when i grow up. no matter how lost i feel sometimes, i have a blessed life and a wonderful family and truly am happily without a compass. someday i hope to pursue a career, but for now i'm enjoying my time as a stay at home mom & living in my favorite place in the world. 

some facts:

instagram is my all time favorite social media site and i've always loved taking photos

i was homeschooled until 5th grade

mack and i have watched the office about 8 times (all the way through)

i've lived in pennsylvania, michigan, oregon, north carolina, florida, virginia, and oregon again

i was 19 when i got married

all 3 of my animals were named after actually searching for old people names

i have an entire cupboard full of mugs even though 1. they don't all even get used & 2. i regularly get rid of them

my favorite foods are green bean casserole & sushi

i'm a self taught knitter (but i still have a lot to learn)

the summer after i graduated high school, i cut my hair into a pixie cut

probably 60% of my closet is stripes

i love thunderstorms

mack and i have matching tattoos